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5650_99490206510_526161510_2514418_3775532_nAbout Lydia Lerner Designs

For over twelve years I have traveled the world buying and selling jewelry. During the early internet days I made contacts in Bali that developed into long standing friendships even though we had never met in person. I began concentrating on the design end and, in early 2007, took my first trip to Bali to actually meet my friends in person. I fell in love with the original jewelry. The hand-finished, all original designs truly inspired me.

Then we put our dreams together; I would design jewelry and they would handle the molds from my designs and turn the dream into reality.  It took us a lot of time to get the look we wanted.  I would work on the contemporary design with Balinese and Indonesian cultural themes and they would manage the mold and casting processes to bring these to fruition.  The results have been well worth the effort   These are all solid sterling designs, hand-finished not mass produced, some with gemstones or ebony with weights and dimensions on the listings. All our designs are signed with LL or Lydia Lerner, our registered trademark.

CenturionJewelryShowI have received wonderful responses to my designs from customers and the design industry.  A few years ago, I even won an award as an Emerging Designer at the Centurion Jewelry Show in Scottsdale, Arizona!  You can read about the award and my co-winners at www.diamonds.net and www.nationaljeweler.com.

It has been a marvelous journey and I hope you will enjoy my creations.

About Lydia Lerner Jewelry
I also sell other designs and items from our travels as well as vintage designer jewelry from time to time. I traveled the world as a child with my parents since my father was a buyer for prime and raw materials taking us to Europe, Mexico, South American and Asia. I continued to travel and began avidly collecting jewelry for years while I was working in the corporate world and experimenting with my own designs.

You can find more from my collections at my eBay store (eBay ID expertbenefits).