I just got my package today. very pretty perfect design and art work. Very Gody looking! Just what I wanted and expecting. Thank you for the other gifts (I sincerely appreciate it). You make feel very special when I buy form you! I am in love with this cuff. This is exceptional. Fit me perfectly no adjustment needed. Your Ebony Cuff bit the floral cuff thousand times. I will always check on your stock first before anywhere else. Thank you and thank you for a job very well done just for me. I am feeling extra special that it was the only one made. by Ramatou Kassegnin
Customer Service was amazing, and the bracelet was just as described, down to the packaging! So very happy... Thanks so much! 6/18/12 by rebe
Hi, Just received the s/s Floral Bali Bracelet and it is stunning! I cannot believe the weight and the detail. I'm wearing it as I type and will probably get busted while in my car for distracted driving because I am admiring the bracelet so much. Thanks for the quick shipping. Wonderfully packaged + the emergency light that was included with the bracelet. Mary Lynn
Hi! I received this ring today and wanted to thank you for making the package so special. Since it was a birthday gift, I appreciated the beautifully wrapped box. The flashlight was a special surprise and it is part of my keychain. I am always looking for bags and this one is well done. On my travels I had been looking for a bold orange citrine ring. When I viewed it on you web-site, I knew it was it and hoped it was the right size. It fits perfect and the citrine is exquisite along with the workmanship. We were in Danville 2 years visiting your beautiful town. I have some lovely memories, it was around this time and the flowering trees were starting to bloom. Thank you for you speedy shipment and I will definitely check you web-site from time to time. Sincerely, Patricia Donovan
Love this bracelet and get oodles of compliments on it. It is weighty and beautifully carved - -it rivals any Tiffany bracelts that I own. Love this item, fresh,rich-looking and terrifically priced. Mary Erskine